What’s this all about then?

My name is “Ems” (it isn’t really, I just can’t pronounce my real name, so please call me “Ems”) I turned 29 in 2014, and realised that I had no place I felt I could call ‘home’, no children, no wife or girlfriend, and no career (I had a job, but not a career) It was time for a change….. 

For the last 9 months, I’ve been looking for a chance to go abroad to do some English teaching. Initially, I eventually hope to end up in Thailand or Japan, but I've had no luck with my applications there so far. I was offered jobs in Malaysia, and Indonesia, both of which turned out to be scams, and found myself getting increasingly frustrated with the search. More than this, it had affected my happiness in work. I have never been one who knows what he wanted to do so, once I knew what I wanted to do, and that it would be overseas, it became increasingly difficult to enjoy the life I was living, which I wasn’t particularly enjoying anyway. 

By luck, a good friend’s sister went out to Bangladesh to teach nursing, and found that they needed volunteers to teach English. Sold! Something different, an entirely different culture, a language I never would have thought to learn…..and a friendly face to boot. Besides, having worked for a Council call-centre for 5 years, and heard countless people screaming at me that their area “is like a third-world country” because their bin wasn’t collected this week, I figured on experiencing a real third-World country for myself. So, that’s where I am now.

This blog is written to keep friends and family updated on my goings and doings, and also so that I can fill my time a bit more. Those who know me best know that I spent a great deal of time drinking in Britain. With no easy access to alcohol here, I will instead spend my time rabbling on in this blog to keep me amused.