12. Apr, 2015

Dear Diary.....

I recently received an email informing me that this site has now received over 4000 hits. I’m not entirely sure what the significance of the number 4000 is, but it did give me cause to ponder. I kept a diary in my younger days, perhaps some of you did too, and felt anger at the thought that somebody might read it. Nowadays, we all post our diaries online, and get frustrated if people don’t read it. The diary I had all those years ago was deliberately destroyed when I found it, and read it, years later. It was just so full of the typical boring angsts of a pubescent male: “I think I’m in love”; “Why doesn’t she notice me?”; “I received some wedgies again today – that’s 4 times in three days now”; “I noticed in the showers today that I have the smallest willy” (some things never change) The last two entries of the diary read thusly: 

July 5th – Today, we decided to leave Swansea and take a short holiday in Edinburgh. I’m told it’s a nice place. 

July 10th – I’ve just been violently mugged by a load of heroin addicts. Why on Earth would anyone choose to live in such a sh!t city as this? On a more positive note, my train to Edinburgh leaves in 30 minutes. 

I guess this shift from private, personal diaries to public ones stems from the boom in online social networking. There’s a certain irony in the use of the word ‘social’ in this context though, given that the concept of online ‘social’ networking is often anything but (depending on your view of ‘social’, of course). The more we do online, the less we do in person. Heck, even I have turned to updating this blog to save me from telephoning people so regularly. Anyway, my point is that we have evolved to live our lives online and, in doing so, publicise everything we do. I once saw the following statement….. 

“Mmm, bottle of wine, ice cream, and a film for one. With a life like this, who needs socialising?” 

…..posted on a social networking site! I’m not judging though, that would just make me a hypocrite. I’ve fallen victim to the same change in habits as all the rest. This is not true of clothing fashion though: clothing fashion is something I’ve never been able to grasp. Whilst others donned Hugo Boss, Fred Perry, and Calvin Klein, I’d always settle for the good old ‘Mat Alan’ range. On special occasions, I’d treat myself to a bit of Armani, which is available in Asda (his first name is George, right?) 

Fashion here is completely beyond my understanding. I’m not talking about the Panjabis and Lungis (effectively, an elaborate sarong that air-conditions your testicles), of which I have some, rather the ‘Western’ clothes that are worn. I saw one gentleman wear a t-shirt exclaiming that “Life is Beautiful” next to a picture of some shoes and an animated cat. I guess nothing says ‘beauty’ here better than some shoes and animated cats…..?