1. May, 2015

2. Almost Heaven

The farm I’ll call home for now is named ‘Almost Heaven Farm’. Having just arrived, I’m yet to decide if that refers to a heavenly way of life, but certainly it takes on a rather literal meaning. At an altitude of approximately 5000 feet, it rests amongst the clouds, and the freshness in the air can be tasted with each breath. At this point, I become suddenly aware of how embarrassingly unprepared I am for the cold climate that accompanies these heights. Neither flip-flops nor black work shoes are ideal garments for farming in the pi$$ing rain, and I’ll also now need to buy new work trousers and shirts before I re-enter the classroom. I might as well wear my tie to water the strawberries too, just to complete the look! 

Children’s cartoons always seem to claim that clouds are soft, fluffy, and warm. Bollox! The clouds ghost through the windows every morning, spreading its Midas touch, giving everything it touches a cold dampness. Each morning I predict I’ll be doing the same: double checking if that damp patch in my bed sheets is really the cloud, or a return of that ‘little problem’ I suffered in my earlier years. It was a proud and happy day when I finally stopped wetting the bed. I remember it well – it was the best birthday present a 25-year old man could ask for!