1. May, 2015

3. Fermented Piss

The ideal behind a permaculture farm, it seems, is a total integration of organic farming methods, in order to create an almost wholly self-sustaining operation. This stretches to the intricate planning of where everything is built, stored, fed, and planted. For example, one is required to pee in a different part of the farm than one poops, because both are collected for different purposes. One is asked to wash one’s hands in yet another part of the farm again so that the waste water from that habit feeds yet another plant, and so on. 

The pee itself is collected in 100 litre barrels, and mixed with the leaves of plants less desirable to insects (e.g. Marigolds, Garlic, Mustard), and anaerobically fermented for a few months at a time. It is then used both as a liquid fertilizer and an insect repellent, by being sprayed on the plants. I’ll tell you this for free: not since I last travelled on an Arriva Wales train have I smelled something quite so disgusting as this concoction! 

For supper tonight, we were served ‘fermented vegetables’. I began to ask how they were fermented before realising that, as there is no choice in food, and I have to eat them anyway, perhaps I’d rather never know exactly how they were made.