1. May, 2015

12. Crashing a Nepalese Wedding

Despite the worry, a local wedding is still held this evening in the village, and we’re invited – or so we thought. On arriving, and realising that everyone’s eyes were on us, I turned to our host and our communication was as follows:

Me: “We were invited, weren’t we?”

Him: “Erm, not really – but they won’t mind.”

Me: “Really? I just walked to the buffet and helped myself to a massive plate of food”

Him: “Oh, erm… Just try to pretend it’s what you do in Weddings where you come from”

Me: “It is what I do – but only because I’m invited in the first place!” 

He tried to convince me that nobody would have noticed but, being that I, and the other three volunteers were the only white people there, and the only ones not related to someone, I somehow doubt this was the case. Thankfully (nay, make that ‘worryingly’, given the news we’ve already had coming from Kathmandu), another violent shake of the ground caused panic and fear distracting attention away from us.