1. May, 2015

16. I Leave Nepal

Armed with a print screen of an email from the Indian Embassy, confirming my permission to travel through, I still met with resistance both sides of the border. Those who know me know that I’m not a fan of conflict, and hate confrontation but, when I know I’m right, I can, and will put up a fight. Anyways, I made it through to India, caught a flight from Bagdogra to Delhi, and another from Delhi to Bangkok. It is there that I now sit in a hotel room, working on fumes having not slept for 36 hours. I could have slept on the plane but, having secured a Business Class seat for the price of an Economy Class, I was determined to stay awake and enjoy the experience. 

The pre-boarding lounge itself is an experience – buffet food and an invite to help myself to as much of any drink I fancied. Unfortunately, I was victim to discrimination, and had to have my boarding pass checked three times. No-one seemed to believe that a bearded man in flip-flops, muddy work trousers, vest, and backwards cap could possibly afford to fly Business class. I think I look rather dashing myself though, don’t you think? (see picture - I didn't like the beard at first, but it's really grown on me.....) I never thought there could be that much difference between the two – after all, it’s the same plane, right? I stand corrected. The food I had on that plane was the best I’ve had in almost three months – and served with a bottomless glass of complimentary wine. 

On now to Thailand – a new tab again if, and when, there’s something to write about x