19. Jan, 2016

Moving Day

Regular readers may recollect that a sibling of mine persuaded my grandmother that I was, in actual fact, in prison here. I’ll have it known that I was only ever once in prison, and that was for something I didn’t do…..I didn’t wipe my fingerprints off the evidence. Unfortunately, my first home did somewhat resemble what I imagine a prison might look like – food all over the dining table, several bars of soap dropped on the bathroom floor, and a pair of handcuffs next to the bed *insert suggestive wink* 

House hunting here is not easy as there are no letting/estate agents to be had. In order to find a house, one must know someone who knows someone who knows someone who might be willing to rent out a house they own. As it happens, we do. One glance inside at the mirrors on every wall, and I thought “I can definitely see myself living here” – and now I am. I read once that moving home is considered one of the most stressful things that can happen in life, though I imagine it must be trumped by stress felt by house-owners I once read about, whose house burned down…..due to stress relief candles! Thankfully, it was fairly easy to move this time, owing to the very few possessions I have here – and the fact that I had a stress-relieving drink in the local café, near the hospital – it was ‘Casual Tea’. 

My new housemate is a fellow teacher I hadn’t met prior to landing here in Thailand who, incredibly, also hails from my own home town of Carmarthen. It seems our paths must have crossed hundreds of times in the past, but never did we meet – a classic example of how simultaneously large, and small this World can be on occasions. I think we’ll be ok sharing a house, despite a shaky start. I tried telling him a joke yesterday: “Hey, what’s the difference between a toilet and a fridge?” “I don’t know, what?” he replied…..He’s so disgusting! 

Finally now, for the first time since May, I do have access to strong Internet at home. Good job too – without Facebook access last night, I had to phone 630 people to tell them “tuff day in the office so Im gunna hav a cheeky beer n an early nite lol” – it took me hours! Guess I’ll have to come up with new excuses for the delays between Skype conversations with friends and family now. When my Mum first started using it, I accused her of not understanding the concept of Skype, but then she got angry and said “watch who you’re talking to!” I guess she’s smarter than I give her credit for.